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Big Bang Nathan Truck Air Horns

Yet another fascinating truck horn which can create to up to 170 decibels sound output will be the Nathan Significant Bang Truck Air Horn which you may look at They say that this model literally shatters glass! No matter if that you are just new towards the craze and just want to try it out, or you’re the big horn expert, there is certainly one model or Truck train horns which will suit your fancy!

The Major Bang Truck Air Horn is simply the greatest and baddest Nathan train horn accessible in the marketplace. Other train horns for trucks cannot compare to this loud air horn on any level. This is a true locomotive air horn kit.The kit attributes a Nathan P5 Genuine Train Horn a 150 PSI 5 Gallon (18.9 Liter) air tank, and a ViAir 400C compressor. Designed for reliability and penetrating tone.