Train Horns
Shockwave Kleinn Series 230P - A Louder Nastier Horn!

For everyone who required a louder nastier horn —- here it is actually.  You might surely love this - - the Shockwave Series 230P by Kleinn. 3 tuned trumpets. 17.5”, 14.5” and 11.5”. High Impact ABS.

Its flat-rack style requires 40% much less clearance than the other 500 Series train horns. Trumpets may be separated from the mounting brackets for installation in vehicles that could not other wise fit full sized train horns. This kit consists of a compressor that delivers the 150 psi pressure you should get maximum output from your horns with only a minimum of space. Perfect for frame rail mounting in virtually any automobile! Includes 1 gallon tank. Speedy refill a time, only 25 seconds to recharge. The compressor is sealed and moisture/dust resistant which means mounting on the underside of a vehicle is no problem. The system also consists of a remote intake filter and check valve to prolong the life with the compressor. High output minimizes the time it take to recharge the tank. Included with the package is an installation kit hooking up the compressor as well as a push button switch for activating the horn.

Auto horns are vital auto accessories that are utilized to notify men and women about a moving auto. Working as a standard piece of safety equipment, car horns are necessary for quite a few reasons. They’re vital to us for the reality that they’re directly related with the safety of our vehicle, and other road users which includes passers by. Utilised to alert other motorists and pedestrians, car horns are the signature with the car.